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I bring exciting news!

Earlier last month, when I started working on the idea of “The Women In My Life” Series, I thought I will have to compile a list of blogs that have inspired, helped and taught me and to share it with our readers. The first of the series will be launched in a few days. I thought it would be a gran idea to point people to notable bloggers who know their onions when it comes to blogging. I thought of both male and female bloggers. And gradually, I was building what I thought was a good list.


Female Bloggers To Follow

Female Bloggers To Follow

And then as I was researching, I came across this: 100 Female Bloggers To Follow, posted on Birds On The Blog.

I was excited, because I thought that would also help me to add a few more blogs to my list.

It certainly did. I have 99 additions to the list I have.

But it also revealed that one of the most trusted voice in blogosphere did the same thing and came up with a 100 names, one of which is MyRubyHeels.

I can not properly put into words what this means to me, nor can I ever explain how humbling and gratifying it feels to suddenly discover that someone you have a lot of respect for and learns from, not only takes note of what you’re doing, but also thinks that you are actually doing a good job.

Birds on the Blog celebrates women in business and gives them a voice. And they know women who mean business and do it well. And for that I am thankful for Sarah Arrow.

My first contact with Sarah and her husband Kevin was when I did their 30 Day Blogging challenge earlier on in 2015. The support and help they provided was something that was completely new to me. I took advantage of that opportunity, pushed myself, redefined my limits and completed the challenge. And still, they continued to offer support and encouragement and I continued to blog.

I have long finished the challenge, but the lessons that Sarah and Kevin so generously taught me will stay with me forever. Blogging has become easier, our readers have grown and from time to time I am asked to coach people on how to blog.

And now, this…

If you are a blogger or an aspiring blogger, I can only advice you to do the challenge. Take it seriously and benefit from it. You will be glad you did.

And, if you have no interest in blogger, but you enjoy reading, be sure to check out all the other ladies who made this list. I guarantee you that you will call me to thank me, (and I will thank Sarah on your behalf).

And here’s a very hearty congratulations to all the female bloggers on the list! You are all amazing!

Thank you Sarah, for being a phenomenal and inspirational female blogger! You shine the light!