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It is my birthday and I bring you greetings. With a thankful heart, I made a video of my testimony.

Testifying with joy. Of goodness and mercy, which follows me about.

I am alive today.

Alive and well.

Healthy and strong. Even in spite of health challenges.

And for that, I am thankful.

I know the difference a thankful spirit can make in our lives. When we appreciate life and all the little miracles we get to see everyday. And even if you don’t miracles, they abound.

A birthday is a reminder of many things; of life lived. Battles won or lost. Achievements. Laughters. Tears. Things shared. Or received.

No matter how you look at it, a birthday is a gift. A gift that should be celebrated. A promise of new opportunities. A new chance to do more and to be more.

A very happy birthday it was for me, and I pray the same for all the people celebrating their birthdays in the month of December.


Birthday Greetings From My Ruby Heels.

Birthday Greetings From My Ruby Heels.