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For the longest time, I didn’t know what life and living truly meant. I wasn’t free to be me, because frankly, I didn’t even know who me was.

There were voices in my head.

Telling me what to be, how to be and when to be. 

Telling me what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. 

I couldn’t breathe because the voices took up every space and every wriggle room I had around me. 

My smile was stifled. And my cry muffled. 

There were rules, unspoken but yet they were too loud to be ignored. 

I was not myself. Damn, I didn’t even know who I was. That of course, was what the world wanted… 

Then, I awakened. By the sheer force of the will to be more and to do more.

I became a rebel. 

Yes, I gloriously rebelled.  I found peace and joy. Life became real. With its ups and downs, yes. But totally real.

I realised that I was born for more and that I could be more.

I became free and, I found my voice. 

And I began to use it. I began to spread my wings and soar, like the eagle that I am.

Then I said to them;

Free to be me

Free to be me

I will not fit into any stereotypes.

I will not be boxed into any conventional corners.

I will not be restricted by any tags.

I am free.

Free to be me.

Your limitations do not hold me.

Your expectations do not influence me.

Your sentiments do not encroach on my territory.

I am free.

Free to be me.

Free to define and redefine who I am and who I want to be.

Free to learn, to unlearn and to re-learn.

Free to be, to live, to give and to love.

I am born free.

I am made free.

I will live free.

And when my time is done, I will die free.

Let’s do this together, will you?

You see, there are so many people out there still living someone else’s life. Still allowing someone else’s rules to hold sway over them. There are still so many people who are living, but not living.

Don’t allow the world to string you along its dictates. Don’t let them dump their excessive and hypocritical exigencies on you.

Be free. Find your voice and use it. Spread your wings and soar.  You were born free and you must live free. 

And remember to keep growing and evolving.

My Person.