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Come and Experience

Jane's Wisdom

Maybe, You Should Keep Your Advice To Yourself.

Good morning dear ones, This morning, I'm hard pressed to write to those of us who are now Facebook warriors and preachers and motivational speakers and bloggers and all whatnots. Those who have appointed themselves Advice dispensers.  You see, I have learnt that...

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Change And The Contradictions Therein.

I have always been fascinated by every form of change, and while I do believe that change is constant, I have also found that the word, "change" and the word, "constant" are by themselves, contradictions.  Opposites. Life teaches you about consistency and why it is...

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Passion. About Life And Everything In Between.

I have to write using a prompt. The word given is Passion. I wonder if they knew who they are talking to. Me. Jane Oma. Queen of Passionate. If I could choose another middle name (I already have 2 as a result of having two very vocal grandmothers), you bet one of my...

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Resonant Leadership And Being Accountable

Resonant leadership and good governance does not happen by chance. Praying to be or to have good leaders is of paramount importance but, it is not only by praying. You must be intentional about being a good leader or having a good leader. You must put in good work....

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The Friends That Live In Your Past.

There are people who will take up permanent abode in your past. These ones, no matter how high you climb in life, the only story they will keep telling about you is how they knew you when you were "nobody" and when you had "nothing". It seem to be something they are...

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And, I am Free To Be Me.

For the longest time, I didn't know what life and living truly meant. I wasn't free to be me, because frankly, I didn't even know who me was. There were voices in my head. Telling me what to be, how to be and when to be.  Telling me what to say, how to say it, and...

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To Cry Or Not To Cry; That Is The Question.

They say that when life gives you lemon, you should make lemonade. Now, if you succeed in making good lemonade, you might be allowed to cry tears of joy. So, what do you do when life brings onions? When I was a kid, one of the many old-wives' tales we had was that...

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Michelle Obama. The Woman The World Saw.

I love Michelle Obama. I'm sure you already know that. Many of you also do. I love her grace, and her gait. I love her quick wits, grit and the charm she so gracefully embodies. I love her class and how she has effortlessly redefined elegance and beauty for the...

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Loving Someone.

Loving someone could be hard, whether as a parent, a spouse, a relative or a friend... And most people make the mistake of assuming that it also gives them certain rights. Maybe it does, I am yet to yet out. What I do know is that there are lots of thing that loving...

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