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Come and Experience

Jane's Wisdom

Forgiving The Unforgivable.

The other day, I watched the Film, The Amish Grace, about how a group of people (of the Amish Faith) forgave the unforgivable. I don't know about you but, I am like most people who consider themselves Christians. I profess my faith and one of the things that my...

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International Day Of The Girl Child

The Girl Child. The throes of your future still uncertain. The history of your past still darkened. The present still clouded and burdened. In life. In birth. And in death. The Girl Child. The burdens you bear. The expectations you must meet. The gifts you must bring....

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My Person.

My person is not a little hard core inside of me, a little fully formed statue, that is permanent and fixed, brittle and rigid, unchangeable and sore. My person rather implies, a dynamic process, a flexible course, a steady increase. In other words, if you knew me...

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

There are many ways our thinking can get off course and lead us to the wrong conclusions. There are many ways we limit and cage both ourselves and the people in our lives by harbouring and believing a lie or a misconception. Sometimes, we hurt people by the things we...

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Keep Going. You are not here for the audience.

Keep going. Do not stop. Keep doing what you do. And keep getting better at it. Letting your passion flow. Keep giving expression to that thing that calls forth from your soul. Giving your gifts away. Keep emptying your vessel. And keep refilling it to the brim over...

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Enjoy Your Every Age. Dare To Be All Of You.

Don't you dare stop being a blessing. Don't you dare allow anyone to limit you or to define who you are or who you are not. No matter what you do, do not give anyone the rights to decide what you can do or what you can not do. Do not let them use neither your age nor...

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Motivation For The Motivator.

I try to bring you motivation. I try to make these posts as inspiring as possible. Sometimes, I succeed, sometimes I just manage to make you smile.  I am in the business of motivating people and I am very good at pushing people to identify and maximise their...

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Back to Work. Back to School.

It's September and we are seeing a lot of our young ones going back to school. After the summer holidays, we are all getting back to work and to the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life. And, today is my first day back to work after a two-month holidays.  Yes, I...

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8 Lessons We All Need to Unlearn

The thing about life is that we never stop growing and learning, in the same way, we must continually unlearn some things. Most people grow up with preconceived notions about different things and sometimes these beliefs and notions works well for us. However, I have...

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