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I have been so busy for so long.

Busy Living Fully.

Busy Living Fully.

Busy being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, yes, a mother. Busy being a friend. Busy in church. With work. With family. With things and people.
There were times when I have felt completely tired, drained and shipwrecked, but I have continued.
There have been times when it seemed like I had nothing more left to give.
I have loved and been loved in return.
I have given and received.
I have forgiven and been forgiven.
I have sometimes intentionally hurt people and I have been dished my fair share of hurt, pain, disappointment and heartbreak.
I have met good people and I have come across some dishonest and vile people.
I have learnt and unlearnt so many lessons.
I have screamed in anger and I have shrieked with joy.
I have doubled up and cried my hearts and my eyes out and I have cracked up and split my sides with laughter.
I have lived and I am still living.
Still busy, being all that God has made me to be.
Here and now.
I am devoting time to being me.
To loving me.
To spending time with me.
I am giving myself the permission to be.
To travel.
To grow, in leaps and bounds.
God and life have led me to a place where I must continue to stand out.
And there is no stopping me.
He has told me to dominate.
And in total obedience, I go out and I lead.
Some people might feel threatened, but it won’t make any difference.
Others might feel envious, but it’s ok.
Some others might get confused and angry and intimidated and petty.
There will those people who will jump up with joy on my behalf. There will be the ones who will celebrate me and with me.
There will be the ones who will encourage and cheer and inspire.
And, I will be grateful for all of you, no matter what role you choose to play.
I will not stop being me, but I am now a better version of the “me” that you know.

I’ll continue to be busy. Busy living fully and wholly.

Are you living fully yet?

Have you come to that place where you see things with a clearer perspective?

Be busy, but live fully.

Be busy, with things, but also learn to be busy with yourself.