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Choose to be happy.
For you see, being happy is a choice.
It doesn’t mean there are no tears.
It doesnt mean there are no pains.
It doesn’t mean there are no hurting words flying at you from all angles.
It doesn’t mean your roses have no thorns,
It doesn’t mean your heart has not known pain, hurt and ache.
It doesn’t mean your eyes have not shed a tear or two.
It doesn’t mean your hands have not toiled and not be compensated.
It doesn’t mean your heart have not craved something and not had it.

Your choice to be happy is you holding on to faith, to hope and to love.

It is you focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

It is you finding joy in simple things.

It is you being able to laugh at yourself and with the world.

It is you being content with and grateful for what you have even as you aspire to the things you desire.

It is you understanding that every time you fall, it is a call to adjust your steps and try again.

It is you accepting that life is not and should not be predictable.

It is you knowing that as long as you are alive, there’s hope.

It is you learning to make lemonades with your lemons.

It is you dancing in your rains and beating your storms.

It is you knowing that every adversity you overcome makes you stronger, better and wiser.

Your choice to be happy is simply a proclamation of the joy that is welled up deep inside of you.
A joy that is not dependent on temporary circumstances.

A joy that sees far beyond the light of the day and the dark of the night.

A joy that is deep and overflowing.

A joy that is indescribable.

And, in that joy, I stand.
I stand tall.
I see my blessings. And, I choose to be happy.

Do you see yours?