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Once you find your purpose, once you decide that something is worth doing, don’t stop until the work is done.


Don’t Stop

Don’t stop because there’s no one to help,

Or because you’re tired, 

Or because there’s no money in it,

Or because it’s difficult,

Don’t stop because no one’s appreciative, 

Or because no one understands,

Or because it’s annoying, 

Or because you’re hurt, 

Or because they’re laughing, 

Or because they are calling you names,

Don’t stop because it makes you look weak,

Or because your work is not being acknowledged;

If it matters to God,

If it would improve your world, 

If it would make a difference, no matter how small, 

If it will bless people,

It it will bring growth,

Only stop because it’s done, 

Only stop because you’ve finished the job!

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The truth is that in life, there will be a million and one reasons to stop. To give up. To quit. There will be a lot of things that will discourage you, and upset you, and sadden you, and even get you depressed. There will be countless factors that will make you think that what you’re doing is not worth it, but if you focus right and you’re sure that you’re on the right track , you must continue until the work is done.

They say that there is no crown without a cross. So, when you are being hit the most, hold on tight and never forget that if it matters, you must fight and push and insist until it is done.

No matter how many times you fail, or fall. You must continue.

There are so many success stories that inspire us and motivates us, but every success story is made up of difficult times, frustration, desperation and a lot disappointments and failure that might make you want to quit. Some people quit, some don’t. The ones who do are mostly not remembered, the ones who refused to stop are the ones whose success story you read and admire.

Don’t pack your bags yet. Give it on more try and then another and then another… until it is done.