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Female friendship and sisterhood have been a pivotal aspect of my existence, for as long as I can remember. I am blessed with 4 sisters. My closest friend and the very first human that I became friends with was my elder sister. And as the years go by, our bond has deepened and flourished. 

My younger sisters have followed that path and I honestly feel very deep love for everyone of them, not only because we share a blood bond, but also because they all are people who, were they not my family and I met them somewhere, I would still love to be friends with them and that includes my two brothers.

I have been told that I am very lucky to have such wonderful people as siblings, and I have always smiled, never really sure of what to respond to that. 

Growing up, I didn’t have great luck with other relationships with fellow girls, school was filled with girls that were more envious or intimidated by me and the ones who weren’t didn’t deem me deserving of their friendships… 

I was ignored. Envied. Gossiped about and all what nots. And it got to a point were I lost interest in being friend with fellow girls. 

But, I have always been a huge fan and staunch believer of the importance of relationships. And as much I can, I have also fostered and nurtured the relationships I do have. Loyalty for me is the only way to be, and it is something i take into all my relationships… 

With female friends, I have learnt my fair share of lessons about betrayal, and disappointments and tears. 

With them, i have also enjoyed the complicity and girlish and unadulterated love for life and the good things of life. 

As I’m nearing my 40s, I look around me and I see such wonderful women in my life who have become such dear friends. 

A few of them from many years before and a good number of them now sprinting up from everywhere…

Even on social media. 

And a few days ago, I was on the phone talking to this lovely lady I met on Facebook. We had taken the relationship beyond social media. We have done work together… visited each other… pray for and with each other… cried with each other and laughed with each other… And thus, redefining female friendship and sisterhood

I looked back at how far we had gone, and at how far I had come since my days in High School; a young girl who felt rejected by the girls I wanted to be friends with. A young girl who fought to remind herself to focus on the positives and to learn from the negatives. A young girl who had finally stepped into the fulness of she is.  A young girl whose heart is deeply deeply grateful for the women in her life.

The Women In My Life

The Women In My Life

I got emotional and I wrote this down as I reflected in that particular relationship and many others, with women. And, I wanted to share it with you, with the hope that it reminds you that no matter what hand life has dealt you in your relationship, there still is good and beauty in this life and that if you position yourself well, you can change the hands…

Female Friendship and Sisterhood

Female Friendship and Sisterhood

When someone who was a perfect stranger becomes the perfect connection for a great and bright future. 
When someone you met a short while ago turns into the most beautiful reminder of God’s love and perfect plan for you. 
A powerful force that propels towards another powerful force. 

I am truly truly loved. 
Truly truly favoured. 
Truly truly blessed. 
Truly truly crowned with the gift of the most most wonderful friends a girl can ever wish for. The gift of honest female friendship and sisterhood

I’ve heard people say that female friendship is never worth it. I am a total testimony that it is. 

I don’t care what tomorrow holds. Because I know that this love and bond we share will fill our heart and lift up so many other women generations after we are gone. We have been privileged to give female friendship and sisterhood a whole new and beautiful depth. 

Our paths crossed because our stories were written in the stars. 
A story of strength and purpose so intense and powerful it will blind the gods of this world. 
The pains we have dealt with is nothing compared to the cheer we spread. 
The mischievous smiles in our eyes tickles heaven no end. 
The songs in our heart are the melodies that angels dance to. 
Our gait is of grace and our waist is girded with passion.
Beauty of mind and heart.  
Mutual admiration. Respect. Love. 
Awe for our individual journeys and gifts and blessings. 
Acceptance of our flaws and our weakness
Deep unto deep.
Iron sharpening iron. 

Our girlish giggles and our heartfelt amazement at the similarities of the things we feel. 
Our belly laugh ringing out loud and true. 
And we have even shared a few tears; of joy and of pain, of disappointment and of contentment. 
You have been there for me and you have allowed me to be there for you.
You give and you take.
A shared bond. A gift. A blessing. My sister. My friend. 

You’ve shown me a glimpse of loyalty. And you’ve reminded my heart that being a loyal friend is totally worth it. 
Counting my blessings. 
Naming them one by one.


I love the women in my life! Bringing the love and strength and authenticity and honesty back into female friendship and sisterhood. 
You know yourselves and I love all of you for as long as I have life. I celebrate Female Friendship and Sisterhood, today and always.


Love always,