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Welcome to the month of February. And, I’d like to remind you to focus, because 2016 is well on its way, whether you realise it or not!

Today, and everyday, remember that you have the power to live a bigger and better life.

To be a better version of yourself.

So, challenge yourself.

Take the risk!

Become daring.

Live your dream.



And as you do, learn that there are people whose only goal is to drain you. They keep demanding and you keep giving. 

This month, remember that you deserve to live too! You deserve to be given too. You have needs too! So, give to yourself. Show yourself some love. Take care of yourself. Give yourself a mental break and take time to get centered, focused, grounded and reconnected with your spirit.

Allowing your time to be wasted with people who are not serious is not fruitful and it’s stressful and debilitating. Staying in a job where you are not appreciated or valued or validated is draining and toxic. Hanging on to a relationship that has been dead a long time ago takes a toll on you and all the people around you, physically, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. It depletes you and saps all your energy.

Trying to meet the demands of everyone in your life is like flogging a dead horse, nothing ever comes out of it and you will only end up weary and exhausted.

Stop. Focus. Take a deep breath and tap into the courage to make that tough decision. Things might be difficult for a while, but don’t underestimate yourself.

You will survive. You always have! And you always will. God is on your side. Life is on your side. You’re more powerful and stronger than you give yourself credit for. You have more staying power than you realise.

You must remember that you have one life to live. Therefore you must live the life you love and love the life you live.

Some family and friends may attempt to discourage you. Some will only the difficulty and well-intentionedly try to dissuade you from continuing on your path. Some will try to frustrate you. Tell them thank you, I got that, and move on.

Hold on. Focus on you. Fight. And win.

At the end of the day, it’s your life. Keep in mind, it’s lonely at the top, but you eat, sleep and breathe better! You deserve to be happy. You deserve to make your life a daring adventure and to shine brightly and to be all that you are called to be.