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There are people who will take up permanent abode in your past. These ones, no matter how high you climb in life, the only story they will keep telling about you is how they knew you when you were “nobody” and when you had “nothing”.

Your Past

Your Past

It seem to be something they are proud of.

This person will tell anyone who cares to listen that he/she knew you back in the day before you became successful. He/She will tell people that they don’t know you that well, and that he/she “knows you very well”.

These kind of people do not think that they are doing anything wrong, but they will discuss you with anyone who gives them the time of the day. They will tell stories of the days of your little beginnings. This is not bad, if you get past the fact that it is not their stories to tell.

They however won’t stop there. Some of them go as far as telling people about your mistakes and some of the wrong choices you made, sometimes implying that you are either not deserving or that you are not real.

These one only live in your past. They are not in the least interested in your present, and it would seem that they do not even believe in a future for you.

If you dare become better than the person they knew, they will begin to define you as fake, proud, arrogant and with other not so pleasant adjectives. Now, if you ever make the terrible “mistake of becoming better or bigger or more educated or more successful than they are, then there won’t be enough “negative” adjective to describe you.  

They will question everything you do.

These ones will scorn your achievements.

They will turn up their noses at you and scoff at the people who celebrate you.

These ones do not act out of envy or jealousy. It is actually something that is much worse. It is cancerous and much more destructive.

They simply refuse to acknowledge your growth, or progress or achievement or value. They will belittle you every chance they get and will demean you in every way. Criticising your every move will be a hobby for them. They will stab you in the back, without even realising it.

And they will still make you think that they are your friend.

While it is true that you need people who will help you stay grounded, and focused and will remind you of how far you’ve come, the type of friends I am talking about today are poison. They do not want to keep you grounded or humble or focused. They only want to keep you in the past, especially if that past is not such pleasant one. 

If you are this person, please repent. What you are doing is wrong.

If you have this person in your life and he or she refuses to repent, please run for your dear life.

Love always,

The #MotherEagle