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I could have told you one more time,
just once more,
how much I love you,
I could have told you,
just once more,
what joys you brought,
what lessons you taught,
what inspirations you built.


One More Time, Mum

One more time, Mum

But you left,
too soon,

I could have told you yet again,

how much you mean to me.

How much you bless me,

and how much you lift me,

I could have told you not to go.

I look back together and I know that you were perfection.

Even your imperfections were perfect.

You were a light and a guide. And you still are.

And I should have told you again before you left.

It wasn’t enough,
the times I told you…
I couldĀ“ve said it,
one more time,
how much I still love you.
Mum, I could have told you
a lot more!