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I have learnt.

Over the years, I have learnt several life changing lessons. And in the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of them with you. I hope that after reading, you can share some of yours with me and our readers. That way, we build each other up.

Growing up in a society that still is very class conscious, it was common place for people to be expected to stay within the confines of the class demarcation.

But because I was blessed with the most amazing treasure as a mother, I learnt to break that one hateful and limiting rule. I learnt to step out of the mould.

I have learnt never to say or think that someone was not my “class”.

I have learnt that God can use anybody, no matter their current status in life to bless me and minister to me.
I  have learnt to accept everyone.

I have learnt never to look down on anyone.

I have learnt to handle hurt and disappointments as best as I could.

I have learnt to make excuses for the excesses and shortages of the people I com in contact with.

I have learnt to forgive, freely, and to smile again after my tears.

I have learnt to learn from the good and also from the bad.

My life as I knew it has continued to change.
I have improved and I have evolved.
I have grown in leaps and in bounds.
And I am still learning and growing.

So, wherever you are.
Who ever you are.
You are not too big for me,
and you are not too small me.
I will learn from you.
From your good and also from your not so good.

Wherever you are
And who ever you are.
I hope I will not be too big for you, nor too small.
And, I hope you will let yourself learn from my good,
and also from my not so good.

And when all is said and done, the life that you and I live will have mattered, both to you and to me.