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Keep going.

Do not stop.

Keep doing what you do.
And keep getting better at it.
Letting your passion flow.
Keep giving expression to that thing that calls forth from your soul.
Giving your gifts away.
Keep emptying your vessel.
And keep refilling it to the brim over and over again.

Don’t let the size of your audience stop you.

You are not here for the audience.

Keep Going.

Keep Going.

You have something to offer.

The truth is that you are here because you carry so much and it needs to be let out.

Your voice is needed and there are people waiting for you to speak up. They will hear you when you speak and your voice will soothe their hearts and calm their nerves. Your voice will hep them to chart their course and bring them clarity.

You may not know it now but when you step out and speak up, you will be causing a huge shift in the universe. You will be changing the world. And bathing your world with a million colourful sparkling light daily. Your presence is being felt and your contributions are causing a dent in the universe.

Let go. Of whatever that is holding you down. Speak some sense into yourself and be. Be all that you have been made to be. 

So many things and people that has happened to you were allowed in order to groom you and to bring you to your podium. So, go ahead. Climb it. Own it. And empty yourself.

So many things and people that will happen to you will sharpen your focus. So, pay attention to them and learn from them.

Remember that you are not there for the audience. Your greatest audience is yourself. The gifts you have been endowed with. Your talents. Your skills.

You owe it first to yourself to spill all of it. Pour it all out. As a sacrifice.

Only then would it have been worth it to be gifted with so much. And, yes. You have so much inside you. Whether you believe right now or not. Whether you see it right now or not.

You do not get any interest for keeping your gifts to yourself.

If you do that, you will find that it adds nothing to you nor the gifts you carry.

Instead, you diminish. You get smaller everyday.

So, rise. Brace it up and pour yourself out. Release yourself and lose yourself from whatever is holding you down.

You. Are. A gift. To this world.

So, go out there and discover the million ways that this world will be better because of you.

Then, do it. Bless your world.

Keep going. Don’t stop.

And don’t allow anything or anyone stop you. Not now. Not ever.

P.S: This message is for a special someone. I don’t know you and maybe you don’t know me or maybe you do. But I’m sure this message is for you. Let me know if you’re the one. Let me if this is the message you were waiting for… Do let me know.