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Loving someone could be hard, whether as a parent, a spouse, a relative or a friend… And most people make the mistake of assuming that it also gives them certain rights. Maybe it does, I am yet to yet out. What I do know is that there are lots of thing that loving someone does not guarantee. 

Loving Someone

Loving Someone

Loving someone does not give you the exclusive right to know or decide what is right or best for him or her.

It doesn’t give you the right to become their voice or their ears.

It doesn’t mean that your partner must agree with all and everything you say or do.

Being in a love relationship with someone does not qualify to be “obeyed” or for your “instructions” followed to the letter.

Loving someone does not ensure you the license to demand or impose anything on the one you love.

Your love does not qualify you as the sole protector of the one you love.

Your love does not guarantee that your observations and subsequent assumptions or conclusions will be any less flawed.

Let the love you feel keep you humble, kind and gentle.

Let it keep you open to questions and answers.

Understand that love feeds off communication. And the moment you break off the lines of communication, then you are well on your way to burying love.

So, even when it is toughest, let love imbue your heart with patience.

Enlighten your heart in the gift of forgiveness.

Let your love teach you the generosity of spirit that will give your your love interest space to soar.

In love, allow your heart to breath.

For in breathing, love, like the heart, exhales and inhales.

And in that, love, like the heart, keeps thumping and beating and living…

Be a fertile ground where love is nurtured. Do the needful to keep it growing and flourishing. Don’t cut the air off on love and don’t suffocate it with your rigid idea of what love is or not. Don’t harden your heart to the love you feel and don’t try to act as if you do not love. For you do and you always will. As long as your heart keeps exhaling and inhaling…

And this thing called love must always be your choice. It must be given freely. It must not be coerced or forced. Otherwise you might get completely bamboozled by what it is and what it is not and the lines between what you can do or not do in love could become very blurry.

And then, it is no longer love.