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I love Michelle Obama. I’m sure you already know that. Many of you also do.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

I love her grace, and her gait.

I love her quick wits, grit and the charm she so gracefully embodies.

I love her class and how she has effortlessly redefined elegance and beauty for the younger generation.
I love her version of sassy and savvy.
I admire her ease that she boldly portrays.
I respect her strength and exuberance.
I love her dance moves and those carpool karaokes.
I love how comfortable she seems to be in her own skin.
How she appears to be in no fear of flight.
I am awed by how she crafts a thousand empowering stories into her smile.
I love her choice of words. I love the power in her voice and how the tingle of that voice creeps up on you and lays a staunch claim to your mind and heart.
I love how she draws people in, with her gaze and with every gesture.
I love her hugs and the accompanying pats on the back.

I love the woman she shows to the world. And it is true that I do not know what goes on behind closed doors and off camera, but I believe that Michelle is as authentic as anyone could be.

I admire the person she is. And the woman she is. And the wife she appears to be. And I am inspired by the mother she seems to be.

I am fascinated by the woman her husband tells us she is.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

I love the way she has captured her husband heart. And I love the love that is clearly written on her face for her husband. I am encouraged by the sheer force of her husband’s love for her.

I love how he talks about her. I love how he acknowledges everything she is, a person, a woman, (his girl from the South side), his friend, his partner, his wife, the mother of their children and the Flotus.

I love how he looks at her. And I love the way she glows under the force of the love, respect and admiration they appear to have for each other.

I am envious of how liberating and empowering that love has made her.

I am glad to have witnessed the gift of her to this generation. She is the perfect representation of the many women who have nurtured and inspired and blessed our lives and our hearts.

I am delighted at how she has changed narratives and debunked so many rhetorics.

I am glad that she and her husband has been able to show the world that marriage is not everything bad like the majority of the world is trying to tell us that it is.

I love you, Michelle Robinson Obama and I like Barack Obama, mostly, because of you and the love he has shown for you.

And though you will soon be leaving your position as FLOTUS, I’ll be looking out for you.

Thank you and see you around, Michelle.