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I have to write using a prompt. The word given is Passion. I wonder if they knew who they are talking to.

Me. Jane Oma. Queen of Passionate. If I could choose another middle name (I already have 2 as a result of having two very vocal grandmothers), you bet one of my options would be “Passionate” or any other variation of the word.

I live and breath passion. Everything I do, my good, my bad and my best are all done with passion.

I am passionate about my faith and the freedom to express it. I believe there is God in us. I believe in His love and grace. And I am passionate about the three pillars of life as I know it; faith, love and hope.



I am passionately passionate about myself. It doesn’t mean I am selfish. Well, I’ve learnt that it’s needful to shine the light on yourself from time to time. ┬áSo, today my passion is me. My life. My dream. My goal. My today. My tomorrow. I am passionate about myself and I owe no one any apology for that.

I am passionate about the people in my life. The ones that have come and gone. The ones that are still here. The ones that will join us tomorrow. I am passionate about their potentials and their goals. I am passionate about their respective passions. I believe very strongly in the human spirit and its ability to thrive.

I could ask people to live passionately, but the truth is that passion is not something someone asks you feel. You either feel it or you don’t. But, until you do, life might just be one long predictable and boring routine.

I love watching babies. The way they live, and laugh and cry and sleep. The way they clutch and squeeze your finger when they get a hold of it. The way they gave into your eyes with intensity and without apology. Even in the rise and fall of their chest as they inhale and exhale. Everything a baby does is done without even thinking twice about it. And it seems to me that they don’t do it so badly…

What are you passionate about? How do you wade your way through the raging and often muddy waters of life?

Who are you passionate about? How do you handle your relationship?

When do you feel most passionate? What do you do when this happens?

Life is real and passion is even more real.

So: Just do it!

Live Passionately.