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Please, don’t compare me with my friend or with yours.

She is not me and I am not her.

She is strong in many ways and I am stronger in so many other ways.

Maybe she cleans better than I do, but maybe I cook better, or vice verse.

She might be more tolerating of certain things, but maybe I am more patient with others.

The one you are comparing me with is maybe more beautiful to look at, but maybe my ways are gentler.

She is not better or worse than I am and I am not more or less than she is.

Please, don’t compare me with his wife,

he might be caring for her in ways you may not even begin to imagine. 

Please don’t compare me with her, 

she has weaknesses that you do not see and he probably covers her well.

She is not better than I am and I am not worse than she is.

Please don’t compare me with her. 

The blessings she has given him might be different but no less precious than the ones I bring.

My virtues might be distinct but no less wonderful.

Please, don’t compare her with me.

You might be surprised to see me weak and vulnerable in areas where she is strong.

I might disappoint your expectations of me when you come closer.

I am not better and she is not worse.

Please don’t compare me with my sister.

I am just as strong as she is. 

Different, yes. 

But just as beautiful. 

Different yes.

But just as special.

She is just as imperfect as I am. 

Different yes.

But fighting just as much.

Different yes.

Not better, not worse.

But growing and learning just as much. 

Don’t compare me with that friend,  yours or mine. 

I know things about her struggle that makes her as much human as I am. 

I know she snores in her sleep.

And that she screams when she is angry.

And sometimes she is too tired to make dinner.

I found that when she gets angry, she hurls insults at everyone. 

I know she is short tempered.

that she is not a great cook.

To be honest, she doesn’t even like to cook. 

I know her bathroom has not been washed in two weeks. 

She is not better and I am not worse.

Do not compare me with her.

Do not compare me with her.

I stand tall in my imperfections. 

Learning. Unlearning. Growing. Evolving. 

And just being simply me. 

I fall and I rise. 

I cry and I laugh. 


Is it not true that you have an idea of what and who I should be?

And, have paid no attention to who I really am.

You have not made the effort to see me or to know me.

And if you do not know me, how can you claim to love me?

You see all the good in others and only shine your lens on what you consider my bad. 

Do not keep comparing me with the dressed up image of all the others. 

When you compare me with her, 

you limit me

and clip my wings

you weaken me

and shorten my flight

you anger me

and insult my depth.

Please, don’t compare me with her.

when you compare me with her, you blind yourself to all that I am and all that I can be.

Photo Credit: GQ Photography