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Guiding Thoughts: Pronia.

Pronia or Paranoia?

I know the word ‘Paranoia’ and I detest both the word and what it implies. The thought or belief that things and/or people are conspiring to work against you.

Life and living has taught me that this is not true. I have known for a very long time that people are mostly way too busy with their own lives and struggles to have the time or the energy to conspire against me.

Recently I discovered the word ‘Pronia’ and I love both the word and what it implies. The thought and belief that things and/or people are somehow consciously or unconsciously supporting me and working for me.

What will it be for you? Pronia or Paranoia?

Life, living, loving and my faith has taught me that this is mostly true. It has been my experience that no matter how busy people are, most of them sometimes still manage to spare a kindly deed, thought and/or word towards me. I have known and can testify that even in the most turbulent times and in the midst of raging life´s storms, heaven, earth and the entire universe somehow seems to be propelled to work in my favour. You might ask me how I got to this conclusion. It’s actually quite simple:

When I’m faced with difficult battles, I fight knowing that no circumstance or situation is permanent. And after the battle is won or lost,  because you know; you win some and you lose some, I continue on my journey with my victories and my losses and all the lessons learnt inbetween. My victories keep me proud, my losses keep me humble, and the lessons learnt in turn help me to do better and be better.

When I am faced with meanness and negativities, because you know, it’s not all rosy and not everyone is as optimistic as I have chosen to be, I either walk away and learn how not to be or I try to influence positively.

When I am faced with pain and hurt and disappointments, I cry my tears and scream if I have to, sometimes leaning on the shoulders of others for comfort and love, sometimes reaching deep inside and finding the strength to go on, but no matter what I do, I dust off the despair and I hit the road again. And I get better and I do better.

When I am faced with doubts and questions and confusion, I reach out to the ones who are around me that know better than I do and I receive from the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and grace. And I get better and I do better.

When I am confronted with negative emotions, I conquer it with the positive ones, because you see, no matter how hard it is and no matter how long it takes, love truly conquers all.

And, because I focus on the right things, I attract the right things.

Because I have faith in the right things, the right things work for me.

Because my life is centred around the right thoughts, the right wind always blows in my direction.

Because I believe that the heavens, the earth and the entire universe is supporting me and working in my favour, I have given them no other choice but to do exactly that.

Someone might argue that this way of thinking is unreasonable and delusional. It’s ok that they do, as my delusional state of mind still seems to be working in my favour. And all that truly matters is that every time I fall, I find strength in this “delusion” to rise again.”

Remember, dear ones, that your thoughts and your beliefs control your life, your responses to things and the results you obtain from life.

As it is written in the scriptures and my dear friend,  CoachKemi, loves to say; as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. And James Allen the author of As A Man Thinketh said that s a man continues to think, so he remains.

Which do you choose? To think pronia or paranoia?

I have chosen Pronia over Paranoia. Proniod or Paranoid?