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Have the courage to be imperfect.

Have the courage to be imperfect and the gracefulness to celebrate the things you do well.

Stop pretending to be perfect and don’t allow anyone tell you that you’re not good enough.

Stop pretending to have it all together all the time and stop telling yourself that you’re a mess.

Stop pretending to be better than everyone else and don’t go thinking┬áthat you’re worse than everyone else.

Stop pretending to know everything and stop acting like you’re dumb.

Stop pretending to be someone else and quit second guessing yourself.

Stop pretending that your life is perfect and admit that it’s ok that everything is not always perfect.

Stop pretending that your yesterday was great and build for yourself the future you desire.

Stop building castles in the air without making any effort to plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Stop blaming yourself or anyone or anything else for the circumstances of your life and learn to dance in the rain.

Stop measuring yourself against the standards of those who have no inkling what your journey is about.

Stop complaining about yourself or about others and endeavour to focus on and multiply the good you see.

Stop wasting your time and resources on anything or anyone who does not add value to you.

Find the strength to be compassionate, first to yourself and then to others.

Whatever you, find a balance. Live well, love the life you have and change whatever you don’t like.

Be an authentic you. Love you. Celebrate you. And, please, for the love of all that is good, stop pretending.