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Celebrating Positive Change and Differences.

Most often, we are encouraged to welcome change. Positive change. To embrace it and to allow ourselves to be blown away by the sheer force of it. But, this is almost always easier said than done. The truth is that sometimes, accepting change and everything it involves could be difficult, even daunting. And, we feel powerless in the face of change. This is because most of the time we have not the wherewithal to deal with change.

Today, whether you desire to see positive changes in your life, relationship, career, or business, I would like us to look at some tools that could make the process a bit bearable and even enjoyable. Essentially, some of the most powerful tools for positive change and success have been said to be:

  • Having a strong BELIEF in yourself and your abilities.
  • Being KIND to yourself and to others.
  • Surrounding yourself with the RIGHT people.
  • Being DETERMINED to succeed against all odds.

Now, I’d like to add what I call the 7 P’s of Positive change:

PERSPECTIVE – The way you see yourself, the way you think about yourself, the way you talk to and about yourself will make or mar you. The power of perception is greater than we give it credit for. Start by changing your perspective about yourself and the area where you desire change.

PLACE – the atmosphere you spend time can have a significant effect on your entire life. If the place where you live or have your business is not adding value to you, move.  

PEOPLE – Life, business and work always bring people together; people with different mindset and a variety of life’s experiences.  Each one of them has the potential to contribute to your life and personal or professional growth. You will find people with specific experiences and expertise that could transform your life: people that would help, build, teach, advise, or solve problems. You will also meet people who will take from you, hurt you, demean you and step on your last nerves.  While you should make every effort to surround yourself with the former, the positive minded people who will feed your desire for positive change, it might not be entirely easy to avoid the latter.  However, you should aspire to use the lessons learnt from all to change for the better. Just make the most of it to move on to positive change. Both the good, the bad and sometimes even the ugly. 

PROGRAMMES  – As you grow in life, you will come across programmes and  opportunities designed to educate, inspire to action, create a mental shift or even physical change that could make both your life and the world a better place. They might be educational programmes, seminars, workshops, conferences or group activities. Seek for these opportunities. Search them out and take advantage of them. Find programmes that will give you new knowledge and  different outlooks in life. And while you’re at it, offer the same opportunity to the people in your life.

PRACTICES – Certainly, as you begin to expose yourself to all the aforementioned, you will need to put into practice theses positive changes as you embrace them. Use every opportunity you get to model and promote positive and sustainable practices. As you do, stay humble and keep your mind open to new thought processes. 

Understand that possessions sometimes become burden and this is what leads to what I call, the “Comfort Zone Syndrome”. When you begin to focus on acquiring things, it creates conflict and distractions. It makes you incognisant of the fact that there’s still more ahead, a lot more that you haven’t seen or lived. Forget possessions, think impact! Think eternal legacy. Remember that you came to this world with nothing and, no matter what anybody tells you, you won’t be taking anything when you leave. 

PROMOTION – In as much as I advocate humility and modesty, I am also a strong believer of the fact we do need to blow our own horns. The world is sometimes too busy to notice the amazing ways you have changed and the things you are contributing to society, unless you tell them. So, by all means, every now and then, blow that horn! Promote yourself. It won’t be a lifetime responsibility, because once the world takes note of you, they will continue the job, but you might have to start first. Your promotional messages should inspire people to action, to chart the same course or even a better one as you have. It should show people that positive change is attainable. Whether you decide to use social media campaigns, radio, Television or whatever, each message should be seen as an opportunity to further work towards positive change by increasing awareness and concern for betterment, supporting positive behaviour change campaigns, or even a call to action. And while you’re doing this, you’ll be making people feel even better about the changes you have been able to achieve and at the same time building faith that they could do even better.

Do you agree with these ideas? How have you been able to achieve positive change in your own life?  And do you have other tools in your own toolbox that you would like to share with our readers?