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The Unbelievable Power Of BeliefTo truly be a high achiever, most people will give you a long list of things you will be required to do and to be. The list might vary depending on who wrote it and where you are in life at that moment, but one thing that will appear is the need to fully believe in yourself and your ability.

If you take a look at the lives of men who have broken molds and achieved high impact successes, men like Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, you will identify many traits and mindsets that led them to  worldwide recognition. One of those midsets will no doubt be a strong belief that they will succeed. A belief that they can get things done. Successful people everywhere will tell you just how greatly they benefit from this confidence.

When I talk about their success, I would like you to focus not only on that, but also on their failure but above all I would like you to focus primarily on their willingness to get up again and again when they failed or experienced a setback while in pursuit of creating the life of their dreams.

No matter what you want to do in life, you will experience  loss, or the occasional roadblocks at some point in life. If it hasn’t happened already, I can assure you, it will. That’s not being negative or trying to discourage you, that’s a fact, that’s just life and me telling it to you as it is. The other fact is that when it does happen, and when your belief is strong, no failure or setback will have the power to completely wipe you out. What will make the difference between you and the never-do-wells and the naysayers is how you react in the face of  those difficulties. How much faith you have in your dreams and in your God-given abilities.

If you talk to most successful people in the society, you will find that they were only able to keep going and achieve success because of the level of belief in themselves despite the enormous amount of failures they had experienced for years leading up to their big breakthroughs. Their belief is what created a vision so big that they didn’t care how many times they failed at something. They were eventually going to get to where they wanted to go.

Personally, these two daily habits have consistently helped me increase my faith as well as my belief in myself and shatter all self-imposed or otherwise percieved limitations.

  • Count your blessings.

As human beings we naturally tend to get stuck on the negative and think about all of our losses for the day, instead of counting our blessings, reminding ourselves of all of the good that took place and celebrating our victories.

I keep a gratitude journal and I use it capture all of my blessings at the end of each day. It doesn’t really matter what it is, how big it is, when or how it came, the key is to just get in the habit of remembering all of my blessings and gifts. And everytime I take a look at my gratitude journal, it always bring me a complete sense of joy and reminds me of some of the  incredible things  that has happened in the past and also serves as a reminder that even bigger things can and will happen in the future.

  • Think positive and talk positive

If you don’t believe in yourself, then there is no way you can expect anyone else to believe in you. It really is that simple. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” , this is something written in the bible which sums it up totally. Your thoughts are who you are.

On the other hand, it doesn’t end with your thoughts, it also has to do with your talk. Thinking positive and empowering thoughts is one thing, but talking to yourself like a champion reconditions your thought process in an instant. When you form the habit of talking to yourself like a champion you don’t give the negative and discouraging thoughts the time of day.

I read this somewhere and it has stayed with me, “Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself.” Just for one week, try talking to yourself like a champion instead of listening to yourself as a victim. I guarantee that you will be blown away by the results. It may seem weird to talk to yourself, but give it a try and then see if it’s worth the “weirdness.”

With power and conviction, repeat phrases such as, “I am the greatest at what I do,” “There is nothing that I can’t do when I fully commit myself,” and “There is nothing ordinary about me. I am a champion.” 

The men and women that change the world all understand the incredible power of belief.