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The Women In My Life

The Women In My Life

To all the women in my life!!!

I love you dearly.

I appreciate you and I am deeply thankful for the gift of you.

The women that love me and have held on to me.

That have reached out to me.

That stood by me.

That have supported me and applauded me.

That have scolded me.

That have laughed with me and cried with me.

The ones that have seen me vulnerable and have let me see them vulnerable.

The ones that have celebrated my virtues and my strengths and have accepted my vices and my weaknesses.

The ones that understand that we are in competition with anyone.

The ones that love me when I ma good, and loves me equally when I am bad.

The ones that knows to forgive me when I screw up and make mistakes.

The ones that neither tell nor believe lies about me.

To the women who go shopping with me and understand that we do not buy that item except it has “our names on it”

The ones that plan trips with me and do not say a word about the size of my luggage.

The ones that talk far into the night discussing ideas, projects and the changes we can make in the world.

The ones that bring wines and chocolate when they feel it is needed and do not mention the word “calories” or “gym”.

The ones that watch series with me. And argue about Ryan Gosling and Denzel Washington and Gerard Butler and the seemingly endless list of those insanely sexy men.

The ones that will not be surprised by my mischievous crazy self, because they understand crazy.

To the women that love me through my mistakes and wrong choices, as well as through my victories and achievements.

The ones who share their victories and struggles with me.

The ones that pray with me and for me.

The ones who let me lean on their shoulders and understand that they can lean on mine.

The ones who know that my heart is always open to them.

The ones that help me and allow me help them.

Today, I am grateful for the gift of you.

My female friends. The women in my life. My soul sisters. This is for you. And for me. And to female friendship.

There are only a few of you, but you have made my life so much more fun, more meaningful, fuller, more enriching in every way.

You inspire me. And motivate me. And bless me. And sometimes drive me crazy, but I love you just the same and I do not intend to exchange you for anything or anyone else. 

You make me stronger and better and wiser. You teach me in so many ways that you might never even realise. Some of you are better at that job than others, and some of you are crappy teachers, but you let me get away with being your friend.

And I hope that you never forget that I really do love you dearly!

Let’s do more of us! Harnessing our power and strength. Building and nurturing each other. Supporting and applauding each other. 

You know yourselves. 

The women in my life.

And the women that will be added…

With love,