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Welcoming the New Year, dearest one.

You are still very likely drunk or hung over, or tired and sleepy or dreamy and pensive. Maybe you’re one of the few who doesn’t give a damn about January 1.

If you’re like me, you’re probably still in a thankful mood and maybe you’re taking out time to pray and connect with the spiritual, maybe you’re meditating. (Done that and now writing to you)

Regardless of what it is that you’re doing, no matter where you are or in which state you find yourself, this is just me saying Happy New Year and even though it has become cliché, I mean it.

Welcoming The New Year.

Welcoming The New Year.

I really would want you to have a very happy year ahead. But the truth is that my wishes will amount to nothing if you don’t take charge. No matter how many times you hear people say “happy new year” to you, it will mean absolutely nothing if you don’t build and give yourself a happy new year.

Most church people are already repeating words shared by their religious leaders.

2017 The Year of Open Doors.

The Year of Miracles.

The Year of From Glory To Glory.

The year of Dancing.

The Year of Impossibilities.

The Year of More Money.

The Year of Your Double Portion.

The Year of No Enemies.

The Year of No Hard Work… (Yes, I have heard this one too…)

The Year of Soaring Without Wings… (Good luck figuring out how that is going to work).

And the list is endless. (You’d be surprised what these men of God can come up with)

While I subscribe to and understand prophecy and the power of prophetic words, the truth is that your Pastor or religious leader’s words will mean nothing if you do not follow through with corresponding actions. No matter how much God speaks or what He says, if you don’t put yourself out to do the required work, you will be the one limiting his words. I am a woman who understands faith and who is deeply connected to God and His spirit and I can assure you that if you don’t have wings, you can’t fly, not to mention soar. I can tell you that anyone who says to you that there won’t be enemies or that everybody will like you, is lying to you. You might choose to acknowledge them or not, but they will be there. And, here’s the thing, no matter how much you pray to God to eliminate or kill your enemies, those folks don’t die easy. And God will not very readily kill for you. There are some prayers that I am sure makes God chuckle and sometimes frown with irritation.

And when they say it’s a year of Glory to Glory, you must be in some level of glory to be able to move to the next of one, otherwise, this one is not for you. No matter what anybody tells you, if you focus well, position yourself well, work hard and smart, you will never make more money. It really isn’t rocket science. See, I can go on, but I am sure that by now you get my drift…

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Some (not all) of your religious leaders have no idea what they are talking about. Some of them do not even hear from God. And so, they come up with words that they think will appeal to your ears and you are just there, welcoming the new year, jumping up and shouting empty “Amens”.

There are the ones who probably truly hear from God, and they give you those words, but they do not explain what it entails. They do not tell you to put things in order if you want to benefit from and be a partaker of the declarations they make.  And some of us have become terribly gullible that you only wait for someone else to hear from God for you.  You have not the faintest clue about how to apply yourself in order to benefit from all the blessings that have been put in place for you. Some of you do not even know how to find it.

For me, it is the year of flourishing. And for me those are not just empty words. I have found time to stop and find out how these words apply to me. And, while welcoming the new year, I have also received more words (Prophecy) and inspiration that are specifically meant for me, to guide me into the next phase of my life. I believe them to be true and I know without a doubt that it will come to pass. This is because I had previously planted good seeds. In every area of my life, I have sown seeds. And I have nurtured those seeds. I have watered those seeds. I have seen them spring up. And I have cared for them as they grow. I am continually working on them to make sure that they flourish and this is why and how this prophecy makes sense to me.

When I say I have sown seeds, I do not only refer to the monetary ones you leave on your church altar. Some people have been led to believe that once you take money to church, then you’ve sown seeds to God. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

You must first identify your purpose, or your job (as you may or may not understand the “hype” about “finding your purpose”). Then you must be diligent. You must understand the need for discipline. And hard work. And dedication. Going the extra mile. You must understand that if you don’t give it your best (and then some more),  nothing will work.

If you don’t develop yourself. You will remain stuck, in one place. Stagnant. And then if you don’t take care, your life might begin to rot. (I’m sorry, but there’s no nice way of saying it)

If you don’t read, or study or travel, you will never learn anything new. And you will again remain stuck, stagnant and …( refer to the paragraph above).

Seriously guys, if you don’t work, nothing will. It really is that simple.

Do yourself a favour, while welcoming the new year and after, scream all the Amen you want to your Pastor or Priest’s declaration, but move your behind and get to work.

If you want to fly this year, get your wings sorted, oiled and ready…

If you want to flourish, make sure you have seeds already sown, make sure they are well watered.

If you want to jubilate, get your dancing shoes on…

While welcoming the new year, position yourself well and be ready to birth bring to pass all the wonderful prophecies that have gone forth about you, otherwise they will be empty words. They will mean nothing. Not to you and not the world around you.

Prophecies are personal. And when a word is given to a congregation, it is very possible that it is meant for you or not. That is left for you to find out. If it is for, be open to it, embrace. By all means, have faith. It is as essential an ingredient as your hard work, (sometimes even more so) but please, do all you are required to do to get what you belongs to you. The grace of God abounds to ensure fulfilment. And if the word is not for you, what can I say? Run for dear life and find yours. And then, again, get to work.

Stop making the word of God to be of non-effect and non-effective. Don’t make God a liar (not that you could.)

Happy New year to you again, and I pray this year brings you joy and many blessings.